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About Us

Mcporter Farms was born in our Local Yarn Shop (LYS) in Massachusetts. We started sourcing products that we were having difficulty finding for our customers. As we found more and more products, we thought maybe other LYS might be interested as well. We were right!!

Now we are a wholesale distributor for our own branded merchandise, McPorter Farms including but certainly not limited to Pompoms, Unihorns, and other fiber arts accessories. We still have our LYS.

If you are looking to purchase our products, please visit one of our partner shops that can be found on the "where to buy" tab. If your local store does not carry our products, maybe they just don't know about us yet! Please mention it to them, or to us! Some of our partner shops also sell online. To facilitate store sales and support our LYS partners we do not sell retail directly through this website. 

Thank you for your continued support!

-The McPorter Farms team